Some questions

Why is quantum technology taking form and yet grasped through analogies? What drives the bigger themes in its evolution? Which directions have relevance for the near future? What is the source of its power and what it rests on? Which are its real achievements and which are flashes in the pan? Is it really revolutionary or a gimmick to sell snake oil or at least redirect attention to its magic through layering popular perceptions of it? Answers would save time and energy spent learning and financial investment in almost everything to do with the quantum information science.

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Get the basics and dive in..

There are many ways to get there. You may already be partway there, like if you have knowledge of linear algebra and some probability. There are online courses etc, if that suits your style. Finding some good notes and reading is usually the best start. Here is a site that looks friendly, especially for a beginner, and is part of a bigger and serious list here if you feel more comfortable. Then get ready for real discussions…

Why, what & for whom

Quantum computing and information, with its anticipated impact on the technological world, has brought with it a flood of research. Some of the ideas and results from this research border on the esoteric if not downright strange, sometimes even for the practitioners of the trade. Growing too is the number of people who want to know what it all means, how to interpret it, and perhaps apply it. Let’s say someone has acquainted themselves with the axioms of quantum mechanics and some basic mathematics. How do they then think about these seemingly distant ideas and results, understand them and, maybe, even critique them or take them further? This blog is an attempt at that.